Arrested Development: Season 1





30 mins

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The eccentric Bluth clan lives a life of excess, funded by the family credit card and paid for by patriarch, George, whose fortune came from the tract home development business. Oldest son George, nicknamed Gob, is an "illusionist" of minor importance who has anger management issues. Youngest son, Buster, wastes his days taking obscure graduate school courses. Daughter Lindsay is a vain socialite. The only sane one is Lindsay's twin brother Michael, a widower, who has decided to wash his hands of the family. But when his father is jailed and the family's assets are frozen, Michael is forced to step up and aid his family in adjusting to new lives.

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LawZZZ Item billed for replacementAvailableKLAUS DVD #333 pt.1
LawKlaus Reading RoomAvailableKLAUS DVD #333 pt.2
LawZZZ Item billed for replacementAvailableKLAUS DVD #333 pt.3
ClemonsStacksAvailableVIDEO .TV COM Arrested s.1 d.1
ClemonsStacksAvailableVIDEO .TV COM Arrested s.1 d.2
ClemonsStacksAvailableVIDEO .TV COM Arrested s.1 d.3