The Family Man





2 hrs 5 mins

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Jack Campbell, a workaholic Wall Street exec, gets to see what his life might have been like if he'd stayed with his former sweetheart, Kate. Thirteen years after they split up, Jack falls asleep in his posh New York apartment, then awakens to find himself a family man, with his now-wife Kate, daughter Annie and new baby.

Critics Consensus: 

Despite good performances by Cage and especially by Leoni, The Family Man is too predictable and derivative to add anything new to the Christmas genre. Also, it sinks under its sentimentality.
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LawCHECKED OUTUnavailableKF1544 .P37 1994 v.1
LawCHECKED OUTUnavailableKF1544 .P37 1994 v.2
LawCHECKED OUTUnavailableKF1544 .P37 1994 v.3
LawCHECKED OUTUnavailableKF1544 .P37 1994 v.4