The Shield: Season 7





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Shane resorts to kidnapping in his dangerous dance with the Armenian mob. Dutch risks everything by becoming personally involved in a homicide investigation. The Strike Team mobilizes to free a drug lord's daughter. But when it comes down to it, Detective Vic Mackey must confront his greatest adversary: himself. Pressured to take down Pezuela, Vic negotiates an immunity deal with ICE to vanquish Beltran at last, causing the skeletons to come tumbling out of the closet. Now Vic may have to pay for his sins. It all lies in the ultimate betrayals and climactic action.

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LawKlaus Reading RoomAvailableKLAUS DVD #997 pt.1
LawKlaus Reading RoomAvailableKLAUS DVD #997 pt.2
LawKlaus Reading RoomAvailableKLAUS DVD #997 pt.3
LawKlaus Reading RoomAvailableKLAUS DVD #997 pt.4
ClemonsStacksAvailableVIDEO .TV DRAM Shield s.7 pt.1
ClemonsStacksAvailableVIDEO .TV DRAM Shield s.7 pt.2
ClemonsStacksAvailableVIDEO .TV DRAM Shield s.7 pt.3
ClemonsStacksAvailableVIDEO .TV DRAM Shield s.7 pt.4