Beasts of the Southern Wild





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Hushpuppy is a six-year-old living in an isolated bayou community. When her father Wink becomes ill, she sets off for the outside world in an attempt to help him. The journey to save her father is delayed by a 'busted' universe that reverses weather patterns and brings about long-extinct animals. Can Hushpuppy save the day? Bonus features include the making of Beasts of the Southern Wild and the theatrical trailer.


2013 Academy Award Nomination: Actress in a Leading Role -- Quvenzhané Wallis
2013 Academy Award Nomination: Best Picture
2013 Academy Award Nomination: Directing -- Benh Zeitlin
2013 Academy Award Nomination: Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Critics Consensus: 

Beasts of the Southern Wild is a fantastical, emotionally powerful journey and a strong case of filmmaking that values imagination over money.
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